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Our Team

At Hexa Enterprises, we believe in providing affordable, customized digital solutions that drive results for our clients. Our team consists of experienced digital marketers who specialize in website design, content management, social media, and digital advertising. Our goal is to help businesses increase their online visibility and grow their brand with the latest digital methods.

Our Experts

Fuad Wibowo

Business Expert

Firmansyah Aditya

Omni Channel Ads Strategist

Moch. Rizky

HRD Strategist

Habib Ahmad

Operation Expert

Our Specialty

Photography & Videography

We shoot product, model, commercial, social media photos and videos for our clients. In addition to having a professional photography team, we also have the best studios and photography equipment! We are a team of creative-driven, passionate people, trying to engage with your customers and grow your sales with the best visual possible.


For brands to get ahead, only marketing a good product or service isn’t good enough anymore. We need to engineer how people feel about it too. That’s where our Branding services come in. Whether you’re a consumer or retail brand, an established corporate brand, or a new brand, our objective is always branding effectiveness and consistent communication.

Media Application

Brands convey their message and values through a variety of media application including logo design, business card and related manual design, font design, and even flyers, packaging, booth design, etc. We will create everything for you with a unique brand image.

Strategic Planning

Our company specializes in digital transformation through careful strategy, social media development, and creative communication. The methodology combines creative content plan, customer experience, and data analytics to help our clients succeed through digital innovation.

Digital Advertising

We are experienced with omni-channel paid marketing. We try to make better conversion with our proven startegy. Based on data, we also get best practice ads for several platforms.

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